Supported Employment


Any individual with a physical, mental, cognitive, or other form of disability who has a substantial impediment to employment may qualify for the following services through the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Once a consumer enters LTFA, their DDD budget must be utilized.

Individuals who are on the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Supports Program or Community Care Program are eligible to receive Supported Employment Services. Waters & Sims is a Medicaid approved vendor and able to provide pre-placement , job coaching  and long-term follow-along services.

What is SE?

SE is used when a consumer requires one-on-one assistance from a job coach to learn job duties and other routines, assist with job adjustments, and implement interventions to overcome barriers in order to meet job requirements. SE is intended for consumers who are projected to require intensive job coaching for an extended period of time, possibly for the duration that the individual holds the position. SE often leads to “Long-Term Follow-Along” (LTFA) services, which provide ongoing follow-up to help ensure that the individual retains their job. For more information, refer to the NJDVRS consumer handbook here.

SE Includes

Pre-Placement / Placement Services:

Pre-placement / placement occurs when a consumer requires assistance in the job search and job placement process. Consumers receive one-on-one assistance from a job coach to develop job search and interviewing skills, obtain job leads, and receive support during their job search. Activities may include career exploration, job shadowing/sampling, situational assessment, job preparation, job development, and job match placement, in which a job coach assists the consumer in securing competitive integrated employment.

Time-Limited Job Coaching (TLJC):

TLJC is provided when a consumer needs one-on-one assistance from a job coach to learn job duties and other routines, as well as support in adjusting the job in order to achieve job stabilization. The consumer will not require extended services and is basically independent thereafter.

Long-Term Follow-Along (LTFA):

LTFA is the extended supports phase of SE and is designed to assist consumers with long-term job goals. Job coaches will periodically meet one-on-one with the consumer (generally twice per month) to provide support as needed in order to ensure ongoing employment