Since 1996 Waters & Sims has partnered with the Monmouth County WIB to provide employment services to participants receiving WFNJ/GA benefits. Through the many changes of Welfare to Work, Waters & Sims has continued to maintain its dedication to assisting clients in need with their search for employment through a variety of programs. We currently instruct the START Program/ Introduction to Leisure, Hospitality & Retail Careers Program that provides WFNJ participants 13 weeks of high quality vocational training in the leisure, hospitality and retail industries, and the opportunity to obtain a professional certification through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Job readiness and life skills counseling and referrals to supportive services will be provided as needed.

Waters & Sims Employment Services Inc. welcomes clients and students from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, levels of education, abilities and interests to a challenging and encouraging educational atmosphere. As a WFNJ training provider, our programs are devoted to our specific students’ needs and development of their skills that are necessary to enrich themselves in their careers.

1. To provide participants with a learning experience that prepares them to assume entry-level positions in the field of Leisure, Hospitality, & Retail

2. To enhance the personal and professional growth of our participants to ensure that they exceed the expectations of the Leisure, Hospitality & Retail industry upon completion

3. For students to acquire the desire to engage in the life-long learning.